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After keeping everyone guessing for a while past her January 4th due date, Piper was born on Saturday, January 13. (No doubt she wanted to wait until after her dad's birthday on the 7th and of course Elvis' birthday on the 8th)

Here are Piper's birthday stats:


Born at 2:35pm on 1/13/2001


7 pounds and 12 ounces


19 inches long


Here are some photos from the hospital, ranging from when Piper was just a few minutes old until when we checked out and headed home two days later.

(Just click on the thumbnail photo to see the complete picture. Then click on the 'Back' arrow to come back to this page.)

pip hospital 2.jpg (56317 bytes)  piper hospital 6.jpg (135823 bytes)  pip hospital 3.jpg (93858 bytes)

piper_hospital.jpg (37617 bytes)  piper_lynn.jpg (39573 bytes)

pip hospital 1.jpg (79887 bytes)  pip hospital 5.jpg (76548 bytes)  pip hospital 4.jpg (95611 bytes) 



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