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Piper Valentine.jpg (38838 bytes)Piper's First Valentine's Day 



piper dogbert.jpg (75080 bytes)Consultants Critique Newly Launched Piperconnelly.com Web Site 


piper genie.jpg (76824 bytes)Foiled by the Diaper Genie



piper pets.jpg (75730 bytes)Piper Consoles Failed Internet Start-up 





More Photos from Piper's First Weeks

pip_2_week.jpg (49538 bytes)  pip quilt.jpg (89005 bytes)  piper mobile.jpg (76966 bytes)  piper in pink.jpg (88032 bytes)

piper bib.jpg (64439 bytes)  piper duck.jpg (79376 bytes)  Piper swing.jpg (52717 bytes)  piper chinese.jpg (56216 bytes)

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